Our Story

Mon Tigre is Amy Spencer's creation, born from mixing her love for unique finds, her studies, and her personal stash of goodies. After years of buying and selling jewelry and fancy bits both online and face-to-face, Amy leveled up with a Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2020, thanks to a scholarship she snagged in 2018.

Here's the deal with our site: every piece you see is something we've fallen for, bought, and owned outright. We're not about consignment or drop shipping. We pack each item with care (and a bit of pride), ready to ship it off to you fast. And if you want it gift-wrapped, just say the word—no extra charge.

We've spent years hunting for treasures to bring you a collection that's both timeless and a tad edgy. And here’s the cherry on top: by choosing Mon Tigre, you’re not just getting standout pieces with stories; you’re also doing the planet a solid by going preloved. It’s style with a conscience, ready to kick off a new adventure with you. 💋